The History of Valsangiacomo Family

The Winery Valsangiacomo

Valsangiacomo was founded in Ticino in 1831 as a wine import and marketing company. The shift to an emphasis on winemaking beginning in 1900 was destined to make it a major figure and a quality benchmark for wine growing and winemaking in the canton. Management of the winery remains true to its origins, having been in family hands now for six generations.


Production and cellaring

Applying the latest and most modern winemaking techniques, Valsangiacomo today produces wines from Ticino of the highest quality that claim their place among the classics on both the Swiss and international level. Production of certain wines is limited to very small quantities, or to years of exceptionally high quality. Vinification takes place in traditional cellars where the natural temperature and humidity conditions insure perfect ripening and ageing of the wines.

The Vineyards

Valsangiacomo today produces wines of several distinct characters, a process in which we give pride of place to grapes from the best “terroirs“ of the hills surrounding Mendrisio. The dominant varietal is Merlot. The selection of grapes in each vintage is undertaken with special care in order to bring out the best of this noble and complex grape variety.

Tours, events and gatherings

Valsangiacomo Vini offers wine cellar tours and wine tastings in its cozy Enoteca by appointment. A well appointed dining hall is also available for special gatherings, events or seminars. Over the course of the year, Valsangiacomo Vini hosts a variety of gastronomic events, which are open to the public. The schedule is published our website and the foremost social media. Follow us!